Below you will find frequently asked questions and answers about Undercover Millionaires International:

  1. Is Undercover Millionaires a single company or a group of companies?

A. Undercover Millionaires is a group of companies and projects in various industries and business sectors.

2. What is the foundation of how Undercover Millionaires makes money?

A. UM makes money fundamentally from facilitating business transactions between its members through several of its companies. The company is a network of people with a common desire to succeed through collaborative efforts.

3. Is Undercover Millionaires Currency a Ponzi Scam or Money Scheme?

A. Undercover Millionaires has no desire, mission or goal of operating illegally in any country or territory. Undercover Millionaires Currency also known as UMC is a hybrid crypto-currency that provides a trading platform where its members exchange fiat money for cryto-currency as a form of investment. For a more clear indication of our legitemacy please read the UMC Terms and Conditions.

4. What does the Undercover Millionaires Tap-Tap Mobile Application do?

A. UM Tap-Tap is a mobile application for professional members to download free of charge. The application connects business people from around the world with one another in order to facilitate business transactions between them. In the event that business takes place between the connected members such as User A purchasing goods and services from User B then Undercover Millionaires charges a transaction fee upon a successful transaction that has taken place. UM Tap-Tap also has a feature which allows users to share business contact information with one another user the QR code framework. Sharing a business card on UM Tap-Tap takes less than 5 seconds. Resulting in less of a need for people to carry traditional business cards because most people carry their mobile phones more than any other device with them wherever they go.

5. Is Undercover Millionaires a registered company?

Yes, Undercover Millionaires is a registered company with its head office at number 12 Sala House, Sandton, 1st Floor, 12 Fredman Dr, Johannesburg, 2196, Johannesburg Tel: 0110829858 Kindly contact the company office should you require registration documentation which will be presented upon valid reason.

6. Does Undercover Millionaires pay and declare tax?

Yes, Undercover Millionaires declares and pay tax to the South African Revenue Service on a monthly basis for the company and its employees.

7. What is Undercover Billionaires?

Undercover Billionaires is a secret society of millionaires that have access to each other through a $1000 mobile app that will be available on the iOS app store and Google Play store at the end of June 2017.

Apart from that members need to be able to prove they have a net worth (assets + cash) of +R1 Million or more before they are able to gain access to the database.

This guarantees trust, credibility, transparency, authenticity, confidentiality and exclusivity for the social network. Undercover Billionaires is the “WhatsApp for Millionaires ” Essentially members can reach each other directly from one ever growing contact list called the LittleBlackBook of the Internet. To apply visit

8. Does Undercover Millionaires Currency promise its members over 9% return on investment guaranteed every month for UMC coins?

No!!! The price of 1 UMC coin is determined by the supply and demand of buyers and sellers on the platform which is subject to daily fluctuation. There is no guaranteed return on investment in UMC coins.